Sunday, August 7, 2011

A look Back on my sweet girls birthday !

I'm looking back at Courtney's 6th birthday as her 7th is just around the corner ;)  This is our Real Birthday Day celebration at home.  The beer is for Dad not her!

Logan is such a sweet brother, he is really excited for her.

Sampling the goods

Prepping for the Princess Party in the morning, although she has super curly hair she wanted "to know what curlers were like"?....they didn't make it through the night

Table set up

Coloring in Kiss the Frog game, pin the lips on the frog.

Kate was invited to come, she was in heaven

She also received Insect Lore Buttery fly Life home kit, although a wonderful thing to experience....messy for Mom, but how can I say no to that face.

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