Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ripping out carpets and installing hardwood floors with Kids !!

Here is the carpet before...aah, builder grade white !

Dining Room again why carpet ?

Old furniture old floor

I convinced my hubby to trade in our car for a mini van, not his first pick but I explained all the features, doors for kids...cup holder kids....etc kids....
Then I came home with this...(insert evil laugh)...little did he know you can also haul anything with this bad boy. ;)  The carpet was gross and needed to be replaced for a long time.
So we loaded up on

and then got busy with demo.

Enlisted some help ;)
We pulled out our

and strapped on our knee pads, we just had your standard construction knee pads but I wish I knew about these:                                                                  

Roller knee pads

Our floor was very level so we didn't need self leveling supplies

Thanks for letting me share, it was a weekend project and I'm over the moon happy with the result....all other parties involved were happy it is finished ;)

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  1. Love the floors. We're thinking about putting them in ourselves...we'll see.
    Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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