Monday, August 29, 2011

Sleeping Baby and Forgotten sewing !

I realized while Kate was sleeping that Courtney needed an Apron for Art.  My sweet, yet type A daughter had even put the bright yellow paper on my fridge.  I was sure I had something in the house to use, while not being too hokey or having to go completely Martha Stewart.

Thanks to Google and Blogs, I browsed many sites finally coming up with a plan; a combo of many (please search and find a plan that works best for you)... or you can follow my easy no sew plan.

I went straight to my neat fabric/goodwill/I don't feel like cleaning this now bin.

When looks like this:

I rummaged through and found a 2 size 2 small long sleeve dress, which wasn't worth saving for 3 years to give to Kate and this is TX, we wear long sleeves twice a year ;)

                           Here is what I started with

Right away I cut the arms off

Next, I use a scientific measuring device and eyeballed the middle back area

I cut from the bottom up, leaving a rectangle middle for the straps

I then cut out the rest of the back following the lines of the dress

And there you go, free up cycling and I even got to shower before Kate woke up !

I hope you all had a great weekend too ;)

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