Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Mermaid Party !!

Happy Birthday  Courtney, you always work hard, you are beautiful on the inside and out, and I love being your mother.

For Birthday's, we write 10 things we love about the Birthday person and post it on a big poster board. The kids really love it and it makes them feel so special.  They also love to hear the story of their birth....that is a blog post all by itself.

The best line this year was from my 2 year old that read: "I love my Courtney and I kiss you in the eye ";)

My oldest baby turned 7.  7 !!!  that is just so old and really really far from being my baby but aren't they always your little ones.  The Days are long but the Years are fast ! Together, we planned this party and it was really a lot of work fun.  Enjoy the pictures.

I will find a picture with food, a little bare here.

Each girl got a tail as a party favor.


For the tails, I bought 3 yards of towel material at Joanne's using a 50% off coupon ;)  Wrapped in bias tape and used a zip-zag pattern to sew it together, I'd post a tutorial but it would include flying bobbin's, growling, some swear words, and miss spellings ;)

Here is a link to someone with a perfect tail and pattern, I free handed the tails probably leading to some of the above mentioned.  Mermaid Tail Link

Cake:  I made myself using regular white cake, poured batter into six bowls, mixed dye of different colors in each bowl, I poured each color on top of each other (slowly) and baked a usual.

Shark Watermelon : Via


  1. Awesome, Gina. You are so much more Martha than I. I love how you misspell misspelling! LOL! Looks like Courtney had a great time and I bet your party favors were a hit. Now you are MARKED in LC as one of THOSE moms.

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I've got a mermaid pool party coming up in August. Great idea to start with yardage for the tails. That's bound to be cheaper than towels.


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