Saturday, October 15, 2011

I love me some Pottery Barn !

I found this "knock off"  and it was right in my price range ...FREE !!


This is such a great measuring/memory tool for us who move all the time, I get to take the kids milestones with us.  It is no longer available at PB so I decided to copy make my own !

I used a saw tooth picture hanger to hang it on the wall.  I gave it one coat of Walnut stain, which I had in the garage.

I marked off 1-inch marks along the entire length of the board. In order to mimic the lines on a ruler, I made the “quarter” lines 2 inches long and the “eighth” lines 1 inch long. Make sense? I drew all the lines in pencil first, then went over them with my sharpie.  She used a paint pen so that is an option but the sharpie worked fine.

 I used the font  (Century) and printed out the numbers 1-6 in 200 point font. I rubbed and traced the numbers with my ballpoint pen.  This left a slight indention on the  board, I was then able to fill in with the sharpie.

And who does that ??  Do you see that One in the wrong direction.  I started with One and was trying to do too many things at once, when I figure out how to fix I will let you know.  Don't do that !! ;)  Although now it does seem really me !.... a little off.

So, I hope I've inspired you to steal use your husband's wood while he is at work to make something awesome !!


  1. Fantastic! Love the way it turned out, eve if you did the "1" the wrong way. Just say it was your own personal touch!

  2. So cute! What a great idea. TFS!!

  3. This is so dang cute. But I can't see where the boo boo is. Maybe I'm a little "off" as well. :o)

  4. Oh this is such a cute idea! Love how it turned out.


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