Thursday, April 19, 2012

Turquoise Train

Like most people right now I'm in love with Turquoise, I hope this trendy train last for a while;)

 The How :  I measured the area at the bottom and headed to Home Depot, picked up a sheet of plywood, then headed to the back of the wood section where Hunka Hunka Burning Love, a cute wood cutting guy cut the wood for me.  Home Depot also has a saw table in the molding section, I cut the molding to the correct size.  Not a particle of saw dust at my house ;)  I also purchased one magnet and 2 hinges for the door. I still need to put the molding on the top and bottom of my false double door.

The white is BM Decorator White, I usually love this color but against my rental wall color it looks a little too modern.  The turquoise was a premixed color on the sale rack, score for me ;)
Here is the tag, I do like it but I find it to be a little dark also adding to the modern factor.
Here is the whole room in progress ;)

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