Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Medicine Cabinet

When we bought this house this was our master bathroom.  A major complaint from Rob was it had no medicine cabinet.  What no medicine cabinet....yeah; that's the only thing this bathroom has wrong with it ?
Randomly, while at the Goodwill dropping off stuff, a women walked in with a medicine cabinet.  Perfect condition ! We exchanged hello's and I offered to buy it.  She sweetly just gave it to me.
Now with a medicine cabinet in hand, I knew this room had hope ;)
The Before.:
The After:

FREE medicine cabinet to the right !!

Paint color is RH Silver Sage and Trim is White Dove

Removing the soffit, you can also see the texture on the walls, imagine super thick cake frosting texture with Tuscan swirl paint, black cultured marble and no medicine cabinet.  Rob, my dad and I did all the demo up to this point.  I did need help with the tub, I tried sledge hammering it but I couldn't break it up. My sheet rock guys were able to carry it out for me and the garbage men took it away. Got to love Texas trash anything goes ;)
We retextured the walls, I had all the mirrors in my house, moved up and holes cut out for  lighting, replaced the old vanity with this double vanity, all faucets and lights are also from Overstock.  All tile came from Lowes.  I was happy with Lowes quality and prices.
Framing the mirror will happen this week, I did a trial run on my sons bathroom mirror and it turned out great.

 Tub view.  It's a Delta Faucet with a Kohler tub, sadly the space can only hold a 48 inch tub which is twice the cost of a bigger tub ???  It is super deep which helps make up for its short length.

I really wanted a statement light above the bathtub but we had to add an exhaust fan and light in one, making my options limited.

 Still to come is framing the bathroom mirror, crown molding and changing out the door knobs !

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  1. Found you through The Nester's 31 Days roundup.

    That is an amazing transformation! I love the restful quality of the new space. And good call removing that weird over-the-shower soffit. I guess you couldn't find a way to incorporate the stained glass into the new design? ;)

  2. Thanks Misfit,

    Sadly the owner took the stained glass with her or I would have used it ;)

  3. who are your floors by? They are beautiful!!

    1. The floor tile is Lowes and Haystack is the grout- grout from Home Depot thanks!

  4. That looks amazing! Hard to believe it's the same space. Our old bathroom didn't have a medicine cabinet either & when we remodeled that's the only thing my husband requested in the new space - must be a guy thing! :)

  5. gorgeous! gutted master bathroom at our house, pending tile decisions from me. Like everyone, I lurve the white, but I'm so frightened of the grout. How's it going, keeping it clean? Also, is the floor material actually tile? Or *gasp* wood?

  6. This is beautiful! What color grout did you use in the shower?

    1. We used white grout in the shower, thanks for the comment

  7. I saw this on Hometalk and it is absolutely stunning! I'm Hometalk's Community Manager, I would love if you could send me and email at hannah@hometalk.com to discuss an exciting opportunity! :)


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