Sunday, October 13, 2013

Master bedroom {Before and After}

The Before:
Dark-Dusty and Full of Cats aka Fleas! See my killing fleas here.  I give the realtor an A for effort, made the bed and turned on lights. Another red flag or indication that the house may have issues is when on walk through, the house smells like air fresher and scented candles burn in every room.
The during:  That is our tub removed from the bathroom.
The After:  Bright and Clean-still very dull and in need of décor but I've decided to finish rooms before adding more décor to my house.  It does take everything I have to walk away from lamps and pillows.  I'm sure-I've never said finish in anything decorating I've done.

I left the fan and cleaned it : this is Houston people ! you need it.
Wouldn't these curtains be amazing !
Also from Cote De Texas

Paint Restoration Hardware Silver Sage
Trim: Custom High Gloss white oil based, color matched
Bedroom Furniture is several years old bought at Star Furniture
Chair:  Pottery Barn
Lamps: Home Goods
Rug: Home Depot {carpet in the bedroom was a Hubby request}-he let me buy a house with fleas !
Bedding is a mix of Target and Overstock.
I'm working on hanging curtains.  Bold or Plain ?? I can't decide, I'd love your thoughts or show me what you've done.

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