Monday, October 7, 2013

Day Two: The BEFORE.

 I know what you are thinking...not THAT bad-  and it was all manageable but the little things add up.  These luscious couches are hiding water damage.  The owner sold the couches in a garage sale and wet bar but left me trash and that stunning ottoman.  Thanks.  The tree on the back fences has some kind of fungus and were dying. More on saving trees later.
 How lovely, Large room walk-in closet and shutters-plus , pee stained carpets! There was a surprise in the bathroom, freshly delivered waiting for us on inspection.  I planned to remove all the flooring so I was able to look past it.  For a least three months the kids referred to the house as the POOP house. Thus why the house sat on the market for so long.
 This picture doesn't show the walls well, but they are pink grass cloth with ninety percent of the corners scratched by cats. They hated it as much as me...go girls rip it down.
 Cultured Marble goodness.
 That wet bar in the corner had a leak 4 years ago and was never addressed...Black Mold ...oh yes !
 The master bath, in all its glory.  This was Hubbies first request to change.  I received a quote from a Contractor.  He was incredible !  Every idea he had was spot on, we had the same vision.  When the quote came in he wanted 10,000 over my total budget for the whole house.  I was crushed but tackled the project ourselves and will share the after's soon.

 Carpet in the bathroom...why was this ever a good idea ????

 A Pool A Pool and Shutters !!

 .Blue Carpet stairs.

 Red cabinets and porpoise grey walls ? I almost killed myself on the tile a least 10 times. Everything was sticky and oily. Soffit and a florescent light that was so low I could touch it.

Tomorrow, I will go into each job with room by room remodel.  I will review the products I used and share sources.


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