Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the daily grind

Don't get me wrong, my life is easier with one kiddo at home, but were back to alarm clocks, schedules,sports, and homework.  The transition from lazy summers to busy school year always takes me a little while. My two oldest started school today,  one in Kinder and one in 1st grade.  Here are some pictures of their day.

Thank you Crafty Texas Girls for the grade poster free printables.

They really care for each other and missed each other so much.

I also worked hard to pack them cute healthy lunches, we started the day off right with whole wheat french toast with real maple syrup, 2 Applegate farm sausages, and OJ.  My theory on lunches is to pack nutritious food but also focus on them eating it.  Just because something is really healthy, if it doesn't get in their belly it doesn't count. I'm finishing putting our google calendar of meals for the month together,  I will post it soon.

I couldn't resist the notes...I'm a sucker for most things Pottery Barn.

I snuck a Kissing hand in there to remind Logan I was thinking of him.  He said, I knew you were thinking about me all day even before I saw the hand ;)

Here's to a great school year!
I'm excited to get to my laundry list of projects !

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  1. Gina, how CUTE are you kiddos heading off to school?! I love the printables they're holding - you'll have to do that every year!
    My kids are almost 13, 11 and 9 and I STILL struggle with packing them healthy lunches that they will actually eat. Have you ever done lunch duty and see how many apples get thrown away? It's traumatizing. I love that you took pics of your lunches - maybe you will continue that on your blog and inspire me!! (And what a good idea to peel the clementines!)
    Have a great weekend, Lisa


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